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Desert Cloud Debouillet Washed Wool Fleece
  • Desert Cloud Debouillet Washed Wool Fleece

    This Desert Cloud Debouillet wool fleece is fine and has high crimp. The fleece has been washed in a non-toxic earth-friendly and biodegradable detergent to remove lanolin, dust and vegetable matter. The fleece still contains some vegetable matter, which is to be expected of all fleeces not treated with an acid wash.


    This fine wool feels very soft and can be worn against the skin once made into yarn.
    Great for felting, hand spinning, roving, and carding for batting.


    100% Texas raised, sheared and milled wool. Natural color (no dyes). Washed raw wool is ready for spinning, felting, stuffing, or other projects.


    Can be purchased in 1 pound quantities

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